Jan 18, 2011

Baby Steps.

My friend Elisa from Ecuador will soon have her first baby. I am so excited that I have taken it upon myself to plan her baby shower. I knit these shoes for her baby. The pattern is very easy and it took me, maybe, 4 hours in total to knit the pair. In the meanwhile, I have been accused by friends of turning into that woman. You know, that boring aunt who knits you a scarf, you act sufficiently excited and happy about it, which in turn encourages her and she  knits you a scarf every birthday. I am taking a knitting break of sorts....after I am done knitting one more scarf :)

This very easy pattern for 0-6 month old babies can be found here.


  1. So very cute - I love the button on them! Have you got any Debbie Bliss books? The baby knits book is lovely, not that I can actually knit so haven't made anything out of it... :( Emma

  2. Emma- All patterns I have are off the good 'ol internet. If I buy a knitting book, it will have to come with a whole litter of kittens, just to complete the picture :)