Jan 6, 2011

Easy Knit Floral Appliqué Scarf.

This really is a 'if I can do it, you certainly can' project. My FIRST EVER knitting project- a floral appliqué scarf for my mother in law. I did a test run by knitting one for myself, so the one in the picture is really my second attempt.

A knitting virgin, I write down each row and strike them off as I progress, just so I know I am doing the right thing! In spite of that, it is so easy to knit; it took me only 2 evenings to finish!

It takes 3 knitting pins to make this scarf.  An achievement worthy of being put on my CV and business cards! June- knitting with 3 pins since 2011!  Here is the link to the pattern from Bernat.

The scarf uses only 100 grams or 2 balls of wool. I am so thrilled to be able to knit a flower, I plan to use it on everything!

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